Tips For Quieting Your RV Generator

RV generators are a great thing to have to power your RV, especially when you’re out there roughing it! You’ll get great power to run all your appliances and live comfortably! But a large downside to generators is the incredible amount of noise they produce, which has led to restrictions for generator use at many campgrounds. Check out these tips on how to quiet your RV generator so that you don’t disturb your neighbors and everyone can enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors!


There are several different theories floating around out there that mufflers will help reduce the roaring of your generator. Anything from car mufflers to specialized generator mufflers and sound muffling systems are said to make a difference, but the general consensus seems to be that although these systems do in fact reduce the noise levels, it usually isn’t enough of a reduction to bother with. That’s not to say this method won’t work for you, so feel free to experiment to find one that works well with your RV’s generator!


  • Fairly easy to install
  • Works to some degree


  • Might only reduce sound a small amount
  • Muffling systems can be pricey

Generator Baffling Boxes

Baffling boxes are great structures you can construct to drastically reduce noise from portable generators! Usually constructed from soundproof fiberboard for the best results, or with wood lined with noise-reducing foam, noise from generators will be greatly muffled! If you’re up for a great DIY project, this could be the solution for you! Just be sure to leave room for the generator to breathe, as they need air flow to function and an outlet for exhaust.


  • Works well to muffle generator noise
  • Low to moderately priced to make


  • Can potentially reduce the life of your generator

Generator Compartment Upgrade

Check the installation manual (different than the owner’s manual) for your specific generator. Make sure you stay within the guidelines provided within the manual so that you don’t void your warranty, but chances are you will be able to add some useful components to this compartment to help reduce noise. Look into adding sound muffling insulation to the generator compartment walls, add a resonator to the exhaust, and add rubber washers in between the RV frame and the generator.


  • Great at reducing noise


  • Time consuming
  • High in cost

Buy a New Generator

Depending on how much money you want to spend and how much of a drive you have for DIY solutions (or lack thereof), you can always purchase a new, quieter generator that will make all these solutions obsolete! Honda is highly regarded for producing quality low-noise generators, but feel free to shop around and find the best value with the lowest noise output!


  • Quiet noise output
  • No need for additions or DIY solutions to reduce noise


  • Expensive

Hopefully these tips for quieting your RV generator will help make life a little less noisy! Try out these ideas and see what works best for you! You’ll still have to follow campground rules if there are restrictions on generator use times, but with these tricks, you’ll reduce the noise and keep neighbors happy whenever you use it! What other great ideas do you have for reducing noise from your RV’s generator? Comment below to share your tips!

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